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Burro’s Tail Succulent

Burro’s tail also knows by the donkey’s tail name, can be a tricky succulent plant to grow indoors. I don't want you scary of to own this plant however, can be little tricky. This plant is physically fragile and prone to drop its leaves - when you pick up, move or even look on it, is dropping small rice shape leaves, but still worth to try!

The best way to make burrito tail happy:

  • Put your burrito in container with holes and well drained soil

  • Light, indirect sun location

  • Cool temperature

  • Water when is totally dry (don't water more than once a month, too much water, will make rot roots).

  • Best tip is just ignore and forgot about it!

If accidentally you move a plant and she will drops some leaves, the good news is - you can easy propagate this succulent! Just leave those drops on the top of soil and shortly you will se the results.

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