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Easy steps for your houseplants during winter time.

Winter plant care tips

1. Give them light – now days are shorter, try place plants closer to window.

2. Watering – most of plants do not needed so much water compare to Summer.

Most of succulents and cacti can be water once a month, foliage plants the best practice is give them time to dry out and then water (check with finger, if its dry 3cm under top soil). If there is any water sitting under pot – get rid of.

3. Temperature – most of the houseplants comes from tropical regions – be sure your plants have at least min temperature to keep them safe and happy. Keep plant rar away from any drafts, fire places and heaters.

4. Humidity – unfortunately winter is the best time for all insects show up (this is normal:) – the low humidity level is helping them – keep eye on it (check leaves)! You can use pebbles or electric humidifier to make air more humid around plants.

5. Keep your plant’s happy – clean all leaves and cut off dead ones (they will absorb more light with clean leaves and also prevent from any insects). You can wipe leaves with dump cloth with water and soap, bigger plants you can clean under the shower :)

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