Begonia maculata |Polka Dot | Silver Dots | Wightii
Most popular house plant across a world! Shining silver dots, and reddish under leaf, just incredible look. How to grow grow in light, well-drained loam-based or loam-less potting compost in filtered light with shade from hot sun at an optimum of 19 °C. Will not tolerate continuous direct sunlight or waterlogging.
Water moderately when in growth and apply a balanced liquid fertiliser at alternative watering
Location: Partial shade (aspect south facing r east) Soil: sand, clay, loam, pH Acid or neutral Moisture: well-drained, moist but well-drained
Height (incl. pot) approximately 30cm
Diameter of the pot 12 cm

Begonia Maculata |Polka Dot | Silver Dots | Wightii


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  • Begonia's


    • Height 8cm-1.8m
    • Temperature minimum 10 -16‘C
    • Bright light
    • Multipurpose compost