pot size:17 cm

Height: 45 cm


  • Caladium 's

    Caladium – angel’s wings

    • Height 23-45cm
    • Temperature minimum 13 ‘C
    • Bright, filtered light
    • Peat-based compost
    • FOLIAGE perennial

    The numerous varieties’ offer a wide range of leaf color from dark green to light pink, white, red and more colors. A single plant may display a number of leaves of different sizes, with slight variations in pattern and colour.


    As the leaves start to fade in autumn, give less water. Overwinter the tubers in the dark at 13-16’C temperature. Keep the compost barely moist. Start water early spring time.

  • Plants benefits

    Air Purification Plants

    House plants can help improve our physical health and wellbeing by filtering harmful pollutants from the air inside our homes.


    The most popular are: