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Crassula ovata,

also known as the jade plant or money tree, is a popular houseplant that symbolizes prosperity and good luck. But if you want your money tree to bring in the big bucks, you'll need to take care of it properly. Here are some essential care tips for your green friend:


  • Get It Some Light

Crassula ovata loves bright, direct sunlight. If it's not getting enough light, it'll start to look like a sad, wilted dollar bill.


  • Don't Drown It

Water your money tree sparingly, and let the soil dry out completely between watering. If you overwater it, it'll start to rot and smell like a dirty penny.


  • Give It Some Breathing Room

Money trees need good air circulation to prevent fungal growth. It's like social distancing for plants - give them some space.


  • Keep It Warm

Crassula ovata likes it warm and toasty. Don't let it get too cold, or it'll start to drop its leaves faster than the stock market.


  • Trim the Fat

Prune your Crassula ovata to keep it in shape and encourage new growth. It's like giving it a financial makeover, but with fewer fees.


  • Share the Wealth

Money trees are easy to propagate, so share the wealth by giving cuttings to your friends. It's like starting your own botanical stock exchange.


12Ø 20cm

Crassula ovata

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