Fittonia or Nerve Plant - Painted net leaf:  oryginaly from Peruvian rainforest. Characteristic with veined leaves, comes with variants of colours. They are perfect for terrariums, bathrooms or kitchen - as required plenty of humidity and warm. Watering well is the secret of success with fittonias: they must never dry out.


 Location: partially shaded spot

Watering: when top soil 1cm are dry

Care: Stand the plant on a pebble-filled tray of water and mist the leaves daily to ensure that it has enough humidity.


size pot: 12cm

Fittonia | Nerve plant | Lemon/Pink

  • Fittonia's


    • Height up to 15cm
    • Temperature minimum 13 ‘C
    • Medium Light
    • Peat based compost
  • Plants benefits

    Air Purification Plants

    House plants can help improve our physical health and wellbeing by filtering harmful pollutants from the air inside our homes.


    The most popular are: