pot size 6cm

Monstera deliciosa baby

  • Monstera's


    • Height up to 1.2-4m
    • Temperature minimum 10 ‘C
    • Bright filtered light
    • Soil based compost

    Monstera - a member of the Araceae family, it;s closley related to the philodendrons and is a genus of some thirty species of evengreen tropical plants from Indies and central America.

              What goes wrong:

    • black patches - too cold - move to warmer place
    • pale leaves and scroched with round holes among - to much direct sun
    • lower leaves go yellow and then brown (winter time) - overwatering- allow plant to dry out, and water less often
    • Pale leaves - lack of food. Feed weekly beetwen Spring and late summer time
    • leaves with webs underneath - spidermites - clean the leaves, improve the humidity<