Peperomia Pepperspot

  • Peperomia's


    • Height up to 10cm-1m
    • Temperature minimum 13 ‘C
    • Bright no directlight
    • Soil based compost or drained

    Peperomias they are member of the Piperacea or peppers - related to pepper. most of them are from Central and South America.  They are shade-loving plants and in the wild are often found growing under the trees or as epiphytes.

    What goes wrong:

    • Leaves go dull and pale - too much direct sun
    • Leaes drop - too cold
    • Leaves appear blistered - waterlogging - check if plants not standing in water, have working drainage holes. Allow dry out, then water much less often.
    • Leaves yellowed with webs under - spider mites
  • Plants benefits