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 Platycerium Bifucatum - Staghton Fern


PlatyceriumsStaghorn ferns easies species to grow! Spectacular and dramatic plants. The huge green fronds bear little resemblance to ferns, being solid and multi branched like the antlers of a stag. They came from tropical rainforest where are growing on a pieces of bark trees.
You can try yourself make some nice hanging piece of wood with attached staghorn
They can grow up to 90cm long. The long decorative fronds grow from a single shield (is light green when is young and becomes brown with age and is continually being replacement. Other interested thing is – they are covered with thin layer of while powdery scales (is not a dust! Don’t clean it :) –silvery look.\



LIGHT: bright but not direct light


TEMP: 13’-24’C

WATER: water when the soil is completely dried out


Feeding: when plant is growing add some plant food
Humidity: high humidity - spray with water every day

Pests and diseases: scale insects


pot size:12 cm

Height: 30 cm

Platycerium Bifucatum - Staghton Fern

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