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Cyperus Alternifolius Papyrus,

a plant that celebrates its love for water in the most enchanting way. With its umbrella-like clusters of delicate stems, this botanical gem brings a unique aquatic charm to your space.


🌞 Light: Offer bright, indirect light for optimal growth. Avoid intense, direct sunlight which can scorch the leaves.


💧 Water: Embrace its water-loving nature! Keep the soil consistently moist, and even consider placing the pot in a tray of water to mimic its natural habitat.


🌡️ Temperature: Thrives in warmer temperatures, ideally between 21-29°C.

Protect from cold drafts.


💦 Humidity: High humidity is appreciated, making it a great candidate for bathrooms or near humidifiers. Regular misting also benefits its growth.


🍃 Pruning: Trim brown or yellow leaves and spent stems to maintain its tidy appearance. Regularly refreshing its water helps prevent stagnation.


🪣 Potting: Plant in a container with good drainage using a mix of soil and aquatic substrate. Keep the water level consistent.


🌬️ Air Circulation: Adequate air circulation helps prevent mold or algae growth in the water. Provide some ventilation.


19cm pot size

100 cm tall

Cyperus Alternifolius papyrus

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