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Philodendron Shangri La

pot size:17 cm

Height: 55 cm


Philodendron Shangri La is a popular tropical houseplant that is native to the rainforests of Central and South America. It belongs to the Araceae family.

The Philodendron Shangri La plant is a medium-sized plant that can grow up to 2-3 feet (60-90 cm) tall, and its leaves can spread up to 2-3 feet (60-90 cm) wide. Its large, glossy, heart-shaped leaves are its most distinctive feature, and they have a vibrant green color that darkens with age.

The Philodendron Shangri La plant is a low-maintenance plant that is easy to care for, making it a popular choice for indoor gardening enthusiasts. It thrives in bright, indirect sunlight and prefers to be kept in well-draining soil that is kept consistently moist.

The plant's large, attractive leaves help to purify the air by removing harmful toxins and impurities, making it an excellent choice for improving indoor air quality. Additionally, the Philodendron Shangri La plant is known for its fast growth and ability to climb, which makes it an excellent choice for adding a tropical touch to any indoor space.


LIGHT: they thrive better in good light (but not direct sun), but they tolerate dark placesTEMP: 12’-18’CWATER: regularly on the top of the pot, twice a week when is growing, once a week or less in winter


Feeding: when plant is growing add some plant foodHumidity: spray with water twice a week with fine mist spray.

Cleaning: Clean leaves by hand with tepid water (wipe dust off leaves with soft cloth). Leaf shine can be used every 2 months.Repotting: young plants should be repotted at least once a year. When they get mature and massive the best thing to do is replace the topsoil and increase feeding.Repot in spring when roots grow through pot base and leaves are pale.

Philodendron Shangri La

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